Farmers Market Love

ImageOh how I love you, Farmers Market. You are one of my favorite things. Every Saturday morning I wake up and scurry off to the market and snag some fresh produce. I’m that person who, even if they didn’t get off work till after midnight, will still be there around opening time to get first dibs on the selection.

ImageMid-summer, there’s lots of potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes floating around… and while those 3 veggies aren’t at the top of my favorite veggies list, I still manage to spend tons of cash money every weekend (which I feel totally justified in doing since it’s supporting local agriculture, community, and fresh, local produce.) This week I snagged some lettuce, little baby zephyr squash, a big yellow pepper, honey, a pound of blueberries, and some homemade sauerkraut. Aw yeah. I’m excited.I also typically buy the bulk of my meat there, which usually includes ground beef, sausage, an occasion whole chicken, and sometimes pork or beef liver.

It’s a shame we have such a short growing season here in Boone, NC. This year has been particularly wet and cold, but the market and the farmers are persevering through it. I dream of the day when I’ll be somewhere that has a market all year around (and a place for a little garden of my own).

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